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“Quality education with an exposure to International Curriculum.”

The German Metropolitan International School comes under the St. Benedict Charitable Trust. The school is run and managed by the above trust. The members of the trust include Indians and Foreign Nationals.

Mr. George Thomas is selected as the Managing Trustee of the trust.

German Metropolitan International School is one of the finest International schools in Kerala with its mission to provide quality and world class International education (with emphasis on German, UK, and Indian syllabi). The school is located in ‘Kakkanad’, – a serene and happening town of Kochi, India. The nurturing and inspiring environment that our school provides helps your child stay a step ahead in life.

Vision : To become one of the rarest schools where the services offered are on a par with the expectations of the students and the society.

Mission : To imbibe human values, social consciousness and emotional stability to face the hurdles and hardships in life with a positive approach.

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Homepage – Chairman’s note


German Metropolitan International School is the end product of an educational vision where service and charity go hand in hand. With the help of the well experienced German and other international faculty members, I am sure that the school will be able to provide competent facilities to suit the requirements of a revolutionary development in the Indian Educational Sector.

The services offered will be purely professional and sincere with excellent worldwide quality standards. Students will be groomed to wonderful global human beings with a strong faith in Divinity, compassion and social consciousness. I do welcome all of you to the rarest experience of education.

George Thomas

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Homepage – Director’s note


“We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give.”

These words of Winston Churchill are very apt even today. The purpose of education is contained in “learning for life”. German Metropolitan International School too will prepare its pupils for life. The vision of GMIS is to become one of the rarest schools where services offered are on par with the expectations of students and society. Parents and public demand a lot from schools. Their expectations are at times highly ambitious. Remember each child is a gift of God. God has better designs for them. Allow them to learn in their pace. The school’s vision can be realized if the entire GMIS fraternity collaborates as joint entrepreneurs.

I welcome you all to this institution. Upholding Churchill’s views on life, let me wish your ward the very best.

M.O. Kuriakose
Director cum Principal

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Homepage – Advisory and Educational Board


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Homepage – Life at GMI School


Life at GMIS School begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm, from Mondays to Fridays. We begin our day by having breakfast together, followed by our theme-based morning assembly. Each GMI´tian gets a chance to play different roles such as taking part in organizing the assembly, reading the news and thereby giving fellow students a more clear insight into the happenings around the world, giving and explaining the thought of the day, etc.

Classes are held from 9:15 am to 3:25 pm. The number of students in each class is restricted to 25 in order to give better individual care and attention. We have juice, lunch and afternoon breaks, where continental and Indian, vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisines, prepared under the supervision of a qualified chef are served in the School Cafeteria. Air conditioned vehicles ply on main routes to pick up and drop off children.

Our Club activities and societies are held on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. Clubs that function in our school are: – Science club, Mathematics club, Arts club, Chess club, Quiz club, Drama club, etc. We organize field trips once a month and picnics and excursions are arranged once a year. Student and teacher exchange program with an international school outside India will be an annual feature.

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Homepage – Academics


The nurturing and inspiring environment that our school provides helps your child stay a step ahead in life. Set to bring European Educational Traditions to India, our school is the new face of changing education in India and across the world.

Admissions open for all classes
for the Academic Year 2015-16

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Homepage – Faculty


GMI School has a wonderful and professional team of highly qualified teaching faculty from India and aboard. We believe that teachers who promote positive relationships with students will be more successful to meet the students’ emotional and educational needs.

At our school, we make certain that our teachers develop positive relationships with our students, promoting the student´s desire to learn and allowing them to attain higher levels of success.

Our aim is to create wonderful human beings with a strong faith in divinity, compassion and social consciousness and our teachers ensure that the vision of GMIS is met.

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Homepage – Talent Hunt


We believe in the axiom “the destiny of England was decided in the play fields of Eton “and are certain about the fact that extracurricular activities play a vital role in the overall development of a child and will definitely have an impact on the students’ success.

Studies have shown that extracurricular activities can enhance the child’s time and stress- management skills and therefore, improve overall efficiency. Hence, we ensure that a diverse range of extracurricular programs are offered at GMIS ranging from Vocal Music to Literature and Drama Clubs. Qualified teachers are in charge of our fine arts activities to ensure that our students bring out their talents.

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Homepage – GMItian


We are the soul of GMI School. Our teachers listen to us and give personal care and attention to us. Along with our studies, we do community services, in order to learn that life does not only take place inside our classrooms. We learn here to empathize with the have not’s, the marginalized in our society and extend help to the orphans or elderly in the old age homes. Visits to destitute homes and retarded homes for the mentally and physically challenged are a regular feature. We learn to care and share and make it a point to maintain a peaceful campus. We understand that responsibility, discipline, manners are traits which cannot be acquired immediately and thus, are happy to be part of a school, that helps us to develop and polish these qualities.

We are proud to be GMI’tians!!

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Homepage – Sports

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Sports activities are given a lot importance at GMIS, because “Where else can a young, impressionable youth learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability?” (Ollie Cooperwood). Therefore, we believe that these valuable qualities gained from engaging the students in sport activists, can definitely help prepare them for a successful life ahead.

We are the only educational institution having membership in Regional Sports Centre Cochin which enables our students to avail the exceptional facilities in games and sports available in Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium such as swimming, shooting, squash, lawn tennis, table tennis, shuttle badminton, cricket, etc. Our students can also avail the best training under the best instructors there.

For more information on The Regional Sports Centre Cochin, please visit:

Intra- and inter house cricket matches, football and basketball tournaments are conducted over the academic year, so as to inculcate healthy sportsman spirit and positive attitude in our students. GMIS Olympics is conducted in a colorful manner annually.

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Homepage – Boarding


At GMI School we have two separate hostel blocks for our Kings and Queens. The blocks are spacious, with a fulfilling flow of light and air. The amenities provided are at par with international hostels and air-conditioned rooms are available on request. The hostels are under the pastoral care of dorm parents.

Security of the campus is our utmost priority and the hostel is under twenty four hour surveillance by our security guards, with CCTV cameras being installed shortly. Our guards ensure that no student leaves the campus without authorized permission and instructions from the concerned authority.

We offer a flexi boarding scheme with regular, term, week boarding and have a tie up with a nearby hospital and a resident nurse is available round the clock.

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Homepage – Attractions


  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers led by a national awardee Director
  • Centrally air conditioned building
  • Institutional Training at Regional Sports Centre (Rajeev Gandhi Stadium)
  • Faculty from India and abroad
  • State of the art labs and library
  • Flexi Curriculum and choice of wide range of subjects
  • Differentiated Language Courses
  • Life skills and Value education
  • Indian and Continental food
  • Round the clock security

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Hompage – Online Application Form


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Homepage – Career Form


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Homepage – Location Map


our location at Cochin, Kerala – India

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Homepage – Contact form

in touch

German Metropolitan International School GCDA Colony, Mavelipuram, Seaport Airport Road, Kakkanad, Kerala 682030, India / 0484 287 0000

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